Wednesday, 18 April 2018

What I've been doing

Just realised I haven't blogged anything for ages, so I'm blogging, because I haven't blogged for ages.

And forgot how to blog, it seems.

Wrote 'Taking the Nine to the Last Shop', a short, which got good feedback but I'm sitting on it 'til I figure out where it might go.

Just finished first drafts of 'Drift Glass' and 'Instead, she Lived the Gangfight Dreams of Madmen' (shorts), and I'll send those out for whatever may be soon.

Working on 'Field of Heroes' 2nd draft now for Severed Press.

Rythe Falls is with Faith Kauwe for edits. When that comes back, a tidy and paperback.

When Field is done it's final draft of Beneath Rythe.

Then I'm free for the next thing. That's all deadlines and big jobbies done, hopefully by summer. Still two to go for Severed and whatever else comes up, but no deadlines and I can go back to doing what I want, when I want to. Which is working all the time.

Love you, that's it - just putting this here so I remember, really.

Didn't say it'd be interesting...

Monday, 12 March 2018

Lore by Craig Robert Saunders - Promotion of Improbable Size

Released 31st March. Pre-order available now.

I'm running a massive 99p/99c sale to coincide with the release of 'Lore', by me, on the 31st of March. The sale will run from release day for one week.

All but four independent releases/reissues of mine will be 99p or 99c (Amazon will only allow the promotion in the US and UK, and those four aren't yet elligible). That's twelve novels on sale, cut from the usual 2.99 in the US, and one boxed set cut from the usual 4.99.

The list:

The Thief King, The Queen of Thieves. Or, the Line of Kings Boxed Set, which seems much more sensible to me.

The Tides of Rythe, Rythe Falls and read 'em in anticipation of the release of the concluding book 'Beneath Rythe' on April 30th. 

The Love of the Dead, RAIN, Vigil, A Home by the Sea, The Dead Boy, A Stranger's Grave, Masters of Blood and Bone, and finally, Cold Fire.

Short story collections and novellas are only .99p/.99c anyway.

I've yet to work out if this will help or hinder the launch of 'Lore' (or make no difference at all...), but hopefully you'll find something you like either way. 

Love you. 

Thursday, 8 March 2018

A Stranger's Grave Audiobook

Read by Lee David Foreman

A Stranger's Grave will be available in audio formats from Amazon, iTunes and Audible very soon, because I just approved it. It's one of my 'Norfolk' stories (like 'Hangman', 'RAIN', A Home by the Sea, The Love of the Dead - all set in places I know and love). When I started writing I was rather shy, unsure of what I could manage, and didn't really stretch myself with regard to location, so I centred a lot of those earlier novels in Norfolk. 

This is set in my local cemetery (just down the road from me) where I walk and think, and walk the dogs, or just sit when I'm stuck, or thinking my way through a story or life. It's beautiful there. This isn't exactly beautiful. It's a hard ghost story - a mystery, too - and I'm really pleased with it, and with Lee's reading.

I'll update this post with the links when it's approved by ACX, and there's a link and sample in the 'excerpts' section above the post if you're interested. 

Love you x

Sunday, 25 February 2018

The Tides of Rythe Available in Paperback for the first time

Out in paperback for the first time, already available for the Kindle. Edited, as always, by the wonderful Faith Kauwe. That's it. Love you.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Lore Pre-Orders Live

Lore is a 1/3 done, still on track (ahead, if anything) for the end of April release date. Paperback and Kindle will be out by then. I added a three-chapter sample of the penultimate draft in the section above these posts, but here's the link:

First Three Chapter Sample Link

And, managed to do that with both little ones off school with scarlet fever, which wasn't easy, believe me.

Pre-Orders are live for Kindle. It's $2.99. I was going to muck around with pricing, but all my indie issues are $2.99 because I can't be bothered mucking around with pricing and I don't intend to start today.

US Link
UK Link

Love you. x